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How it works!

How it works

The Orff Approach...Supercharged with Color!

The Orff Approach

blends music into lessons that relate to a child's world of play. Intended to be simple, engaging & fun!.


By fusing music with our natural ability to see colors, beginners can learn faster without feeling overwhelmed by note positions and letters to represent music. This means they can start much earlier.. even before they learn to read!

Speed-Reading Music!

Speed-Reading is achieved when you eliminte subvocalizing (pronouncing the words in your head. By using colors to learn music, you avoid translating note positions into letters of the alphabet, then subvocalizing those letters, and then translating them into the correct key on the piano.

Piano Lessons

Click Here to find Middle C on your keyboard/piano!

Click the pictures below to get the PDF version. Can you play it on your first try?

Free Printable Stickers

Cut them out, tape them on your keys


This lesson creates awareness of different note positions on the staff.

Hot Cross Buns

This lesson separates the parts to help find your spot when looking back at the music from the piano.
Ode to Joy Piano Lesson

Ode to Joy

This lesson uses small steps with notes close to one another to play a tune.
Twinkle Little Star - Lesson

Easy Piano "LISTENS" to you play on a real piano using your iPad/iPhone's microphone

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